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Why releasing a book is like having a baby.

Why releasing a new book is like having a baby.
The birth of a new baby and the release   of a new book are similar. Especially, if you've had a two year gap   between releases. How do I know, I've had three sons, and there was a   gap of five years between my middle son and my last son. You've thrown   out all your baby clothes, had a mind shift from babies to kindergarten   and grade school. Now you're right back into diapers, sleepless nights   and spreading your time between school age kids and a newborn.</p>

So,   as you can see there&rsquo;s somewhat of a correlation between having your   books out there for years and adding a new release two years later.   Those two years changed me. I almost lost my wife, my son had lung   surgery and was in Intensive care for a while, my mom died, and I lost   my wonderful little, Roo. All things that change a person. Those two   years were the roughest of my life, making it harder to write, to focus,   and to put …